Personality Development Workshop

“ Your Personality Can Transform Your Future ”

Personality Development is nothing but an advancement of a person in all ways. Passing the academic examinations requires knowledge of subjects but passing life requires a strong personality.

FOR STD 8th & STD 9th

  • Study Oriented Development program to enrich students with Social , Personal & Future insights
  • Team Building Activity, Etiquettes , Presentations, Advertisements, Daily Tasks on Maths and English Subjects are the essence of it.


  • Career Oriented Personality Development program to help students with knowledge of further education.
  • Presentations ,Outside Interviews ,Advertisements, Group Discussions make this program a perfect guide.


  • Focus Based Personality Development program with Career Research, Decision Making and Planning Study Activities.
  • Outside Interviews, Online Research, Daily Tasks on Subjects, Study Projects, Presentations are integrated parts of the workshop.

AFTER 12th (HSC)

  • Ideal Profession Search Personality Development program to get into exact career of your personality.
  • Personal Interviews, Group Discussions, Online and Offline Career Research, Presentations, Future Projects, Outside Interviews ensure the perfect launch pad for Grand career aspirants.