ICWA (The Institute Of Cost And Works Accounts) also known as CMA ( Cost Management Accounting)

ICWA course duration

The Instituted of Cost and Works Accountants of India [ICWAI] and its known as Institute of Cost Accountants of India [ICAI], there are three stages of pursuing Cost and Management Accountant course-Foundation Course, Intermediate Course, Final Course. An applicant’s desirous of undergoing Postal Coaching in intermediate is required to answer online /offline Test and three days Communication and Soft Skill Training is required for appearing in both or remaining group of Intermediate course.

There are three stages, of course, are as follow

  • +  Foundation Course
  • +  Intermediate Course
  • +  Final Course

If you are interested to become a Cost Management Accountant…. then ICWA will be one of the best course for you as per your interest.

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) formerly known as ICWAI (Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India) is a premier institution of India which offers education and develops the profession of Cost Accountancy in the country.

“ICWA course is a gateway to become a cost management accountant.”

At present ICWA course has been renamed to CMA which stands for Cost Management Accounting. This course provides you an in-depth knowledge to manage business within the available resources. As a cost accountant, you have to collect and analyze the financial information from all the areas of a company.

This course comprises of three stages, i.e. CMA Foundation, CMA Intermediate and CMA Final. You can pursue this course through correspondence or through online from an accredited university.

Career Scope

“There are plenty of employment opportunities are available for the ICWA qualified people. Once you have completed the ICWA course, you can start up your career as a Cost Accountant”.

ICWA degree holders are highly demanded in the government sector, private enterprises, development agencies, banking & finance sector, education and training sectors. With the advancement of the economy, demands for cost and management professionals are rising rapidly.

Duties of a Cost Management Accountant:

  • +  Plan, study and collect data to determine the costs of business activities.
  • +  Analyze financial information and prepare reports accordingly.
  • +  To work with computer technology related to accounting.
  • +  To give advice to managerial staff about revenues and costs.
  • +  Implement cost accounting strategies to increase a company business.
  • +  To maintain cost accounting system.

Some popular areas where you can find jobs are consultancy firms, developmental agencies, departments of company affairs, training & research organizations, service industry, stock exchanges, public utility sector and other regulatory bodies.

Job Titles:

  • +  Finance Director
  • +  Managing Director
  • +  Associate Professor
  • +  Accountant
  • +  Cost Controller
  • +  Chief Auditor
  • +  Cost Accountant
  • +  Chief Accountant
  • +  Chief Internal Auditor
  • +  Financial Consultant
  • +  Managing Director
  • +  Financial Controller

For more information : www.https://icmai.in