Quiz Competition

Studyplus initiates ‘STUDYPLUS QUIZ FESTIVAL for 8th, 9th and 11th STD’ every year .

The objective of this Quiz Contest is to create deep interest of students in various subjects and to encourage them to work in groups.

It not only develops interest of various subjects among students but also helps to explore learning with ease and fun.

Science Fest

Studyplus organizes Science Fest for students and gives them an opportunity to convert their ideas into reality.

Science Fest is one of its kind experience in Studyplus where students not only learn science but also explore their presentation skills.

It provides a platform for students to showcase their science knowledge and communication skills.

Studyplus dreams to make Science Fest as one of the giant Tech Fest in Mumbai.

Mock Prelims

“There is no secrets to success , it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure” -General Colin Powell

Studyplus organizes Mock Prelims before the exam for students in an unknown campus where we provide materials like board answers sheets , hall ticket , hologram sticker , bar code and Model answer sheet to give a clear demonstration of the actual board examination . This makes candidates get trained with all the aspects of the exam.

Special Open Day is also held were results of mock prelims are announced and parents can discuss papers with respective teachers.

Individual Counseling at Home

‘Students require guidance far more than instructions’

Studyplus arranges individual counseling sessions for students from 8th STD to 12th STD where we have a brief discussion with parents about their ward’s preparation and progress and accordingly we provide improvement plan to guide students for further achievement.

In the year 2019, for STD 10th batch, Studyplus initiated Individual Counseling at Home where ex-students of Studyplus guided and motivated 10th STD students for their final board exams by visiting their places.

The thought behind this initiative was to make students and parents comfortable and get to know students’ current academic status to accordingly guide and motivate them. Along with hard work, moral support is also necessary for a student to reach the peak of success.